Papoleto Visits Queens Museum & meets Peter Schumann, founder of the “Bread & Puppet” Theatre

I was visiting the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows with friends DeeDee Halleck, her husband, Joel Kovel, his son, Ezra, and friend and fellow poet, Ann Henry. We went to celebrate 2Leaf Press publisher Babrielle David as she was being honored by the Office of the Borough President, Ms. Melinda Katz, and Council Person, Jimmy van Bramer – poetry lovers – at the ETERNiDAY festivities. Poetry readings all over the museum, Great fun!… A poetry presentation by Abiodun Oyewole (of “The Last Poets” fame) and me!… And, later on, I got to meet and hang out with Mr. Peter Schumann, the founder of the “Bread & Puppet” theater company. Here are the pictures:



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Papo’s Blog: ‘I write what I think’…

Services for poet Louis Reyes Rivera

Nuyorican Poet Louis Reyes Rivera


Check out this video interview with Nuyorican poet LOUIS REYES RIVERA…


Comments on a Facebook post by Bobby Gonzalez…


The other day I posted some photographs of myself and my good friend, Pedro Pietri, below… Now I find myself posting the last photograph that was taken with the recently deceased poet, Louis Reyes Rivera. This is a great loss for our community, for the greater Diaspora of who were are. Louis was a great and compassionate thinker and orator. He is one of the original founding Nuyorican poets. So, I post this in his memory: Louis Reyes Rivera,  May 19th 1945 to March 2th 2012. (Photo by Marisol Diaz, February 09, 2012).

Nuyorican poet Louis Reyes Rivera, February 09, 2012.


Today, March 2-3, 2012, marks the 7th anniversary of my friend’s passing, El Reverendo Pedro Pietri, Original Nuyorican Poet. So, I just wanted to post some pictures of he and I, hanging out over the last few years. Eventually, I will have a dedicated space on this Web Presence for Pedro, Piri Thomas, and the painter Rafael “Tefo” Tufiño.  I will encourage folks to send me photos of them with these subjects so that I might post them as well. For now, please enjoy these of Pedro…


Message from Papoleto:

I’d like, in the most gracious manner, to thank the Etiquette Networks team for helping me to establish this web presence. For a few weeks now, I’ve been working with team members Rhonda Crouch & Eric Tay, and they have just been absolutely fabulous in their expertise and generous support. I can’t thank them enough. And neither can I express fully my appreciation for Ramon Morales’ envisioning of this profoundly empowering service. This level of cutting-edge web presence and attitute in the digital age is so vital, so as to facilitate our engaging participation against cultural and digital apartheid with purpose and fortitude. Thank you guys! Mucho Love.

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